Difference between Handloom Ikat & Print

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Ikat is an ancient textile art form of Asian subcontinent. It may have originated in India or Indonasia. The technique is beyond complex and Indians managed to excel the craft about 2000 years ago and reached its pinnacle in the era of Ajanta Frescoes. Several royalties seem to be wearing ikat fabric.

Difference between Khadi & Handloom

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While both Khadi and Handloom are handmade, there a very crucial difference between the two. Handloom fabric are the name denotes is hand woven in basic manual looms with no automation. The yarns (thread which makes the structure of fabric) of Handloom fabrics are made using machine. A yarn count (measure of the thickness of yarn (higher, the thinner)) is easy to maintain and extremely high count is also easily possible as its machine made. The

Difference between Original Kalamkari & Fake

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It’s easier for professionals to figure out if a piece of Kalamkari is original or fake. However it is the fashionistas, who are not professionals, who pay for the gorgeous wearable pieces of art. So, as fashionistas you should be sure if you’re paying the right price. Buying original kalamkari supports an artisan, a craftsperson who is making a living with the handicraft, and it doesn’t come cheap!!!

The Art of Kalamkari

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Kalam means pen and kari means work. Kalamkari is the art of drawing with the special pen onto cloth using natural dyes. The art has been surviving still in the region of Andhra Pradesh in India. Any idea how old is this craft? The earliest surviving sample had been excavated from Mohenj-daro and it dates back to 3000 BCE!!!

4 ways to wear a LRD (Little Red Dress)

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Just like an LBD, the Little Black Dress, the LRD, the Little Red Dress is also an extremely versatile dress, but a bit bolder than LBD! An LBD by itself is subtle, obviously coz its black. However an LRD is a loud, strong color. Sharing here 4 different looks with a gorgeous Little Red Dress made of Handloom fabric, with a lacey peek-a-boo neckline, and a golden & black full-front zipper.
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