Welcome to Bhushavali – An Eco Friendly Ethno Contemporary Fashion Brand.

We, at Bhushavali, are dedicated to make you feel special in every way, when it comes to you outfits! The very big specialty of our brand is that every piece that we create in unique. We never create 2 pieces that look alike. Each and every piece is unique and one of a kind. Not just that, every piece is created by hand with loads of love by the artisans and craftspersons from the villages of India. Every piece is meticulously spun in Khadi charkas, woven in Handlooms, colored with the subtle hues of Natural Dyes, block printed or hand embroidered or tie dyed or hand painted, as per your wish and made into a beautiful outfit - a clothing that’s so in trend, yet so classic. It uber stylish and also talks about your interest in being Eco-Friendly and your support for Rural Development - for the upliftment of rural India. Its Made in India. Its #MakeinIndia.